Animal welfare activists target zoo

Animal rights campaigners during a previous protest outside Blackpool Zoo.
Animal rights campaigners during a previous protest outside Blackpool Zoo.
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A PROTEST is being staged outside Blackpool Zoo this Easter to highlight issues surrounding animal cruelty.

Activists from The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) and Manchester Animal Action will use Easter Monday to raise awareness of animal rights and conservation issues.

The national day of action is targeting zoos across the country to encourage visitors to boycott attractions and spend their money elsewhere.

Brian Banks, a member of Manchester Animal Action, told The Gazette: “Blackpool has a bad record for its enclosures and I believe it’s facilities are not adequate enough.

“We want to inform people this isn’t the way to learn about animals.

“When an animal is enclosed in a cage it’s not their natural environment and their behaviour totally changes.

“When someone is enclosed whether that’s a human or animal their behaviour changes because they are trapped and that isn’t right.”

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CAPS says the work it carries out uses research and education to bring about change as they are opposed to keeping animals in captivity for entertainment. CAPS director Liz Tyson said: “We hope the event this year will shed light on a number of issues surrounding the zoo industry and the public will get involved in supporting our cause.

“Wild animals belong in the wild, and we believe their right to a natural life greatly outweighs any desire we might have to view them as subjects behind bars.”

Blackpool Zoo declined to comment on the protest.

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