Anger over Promenade litter

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LITTER louts are blighting Blackpool’s £100m new world class Promenade.

Shocked residents got in touch with The Gazette to highlight the growing problem of filth being discarded on the resort’s world famous seafront.

Eight-year-old Cole Burrows of Marton who was injured by a bottle on Blackpool beach

Eight-year-old Cole Burrows of Marton who was injured by a bottle on Blackpool beach

Visitors have left behind a shocking list of rubbish including glass bottles, dirty nappies, barbecues and fast-food packaging on the beach and steps – despite large bins being installed just yards away.

It has got to the stage where one youngster was left with blood gashing from a nasty gash to his leg after he stood on a glass bottle which had been thoughtlessly left behind.

Today, Blackpool Council’s deputy leader Coun Fred Jackson demanded people take their rubbish away with them, warning: “We need to restore some pride in our surroundings.”

Anita Burrows was horrified when her eight-year-old son Cole stepped on a broken bottle during the recent sunny spell.

She told The Gazette: “We were on the main part of the central beach and he was building a sandcastle.

“When the water started to come in I called him to come in. As he was coming towards me he fell in the water and screamed.

“There was a huge piece of glass in the water and it had made a clean slice through his leg.

“There was blood everywhere and he was very frightened.”

Cole was given first aid treatment at the scene by a lifeguard before being taken to the NHS Walk In Centre on Whitegate Drive by his mum for further treatment.

She added: “It could have been even worse if he had fallen on his wrist or his neck. People should take their rubbish home with them.”

Resident Chris Hawkins, of Fifth Avenue, South Shore, said he was shocked by the amount of rubbish he saw during a walk along the Promenade, which included empty beer cans and barbecue trays.

He said: “I carefully tip-toed down to the steps, wondering what I might step on next, and was saddened to see small children running up and down the steps within inches of an area of bottles that had been smashed into hundreds of small pieces.

“Thoughts of some unforeseen horrible accident, filled my head, with perhaps a distraught parent, full of pain and anguish, realising their child was injured.”

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The council estimates around 100,000 people have been flocking to the beaches during the hottest days of the summer so far.

Town hall bosses today revealed how there are 30 Streetscene staff members covering the town centre and Promenade on any given weekend.

Problems arise when people leave glass bottles on the sea steps as the tide is coming in.

Before workers have chance to clean up behind them, the water drags the litter onto the beach, leaving behind debris and dangerous broken glass.

Bosses said there are 90 bins on the coastal side of the Promenade between North and South Piers where the majority of visitors congregate, and 400 bins in total in the town centre and on the seafront.

Those bins are emptied between 6am and 10am and again between 3pm and 7pm and are very rarely filled.

And Coun Jackson said people should take responsibility for cleaning up their own mess rather than leaving it behind for someone else to do.

He added: “People go onto the beach to enjoy it but if they leave their rubbish behind, they are spoiling it for others.

“What we need to do is educate people not to leave their litter and to restore their pride in their surroundings.

“We have a team of 30 people working on the Promenade, emptying bins and dealing with the litter issue.

“I would urge people to take their litter home with them because we have to stop people leaving their litter behind, especially glass, which is dangerous.”

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