Anger over homes plan

Preston New Road, Marton.
Preston New Road, Marton.
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A householder who wants to build 13 new houses in his back garden has sparked anger from neighbours.

James Kay has applied to Blackpool Council for planning permission for 12 semi-detached homes and one detached house at the rear of his property on Preston New Road, in Marton.

The back garden of a house on Preston New Road which is earmarked for a development of 13 new homes.

The back garden of a house on Preston New Road which is earmarked for a development of 13 new homes.

But people living nearby fear the development will increase the risk of flooding, and lead to more traffic on 
surrounding roads.

The scheme would also see the loss of some trees on the land, and the demolition of two existing semis to create an 
access to the site on to Carson Road.

Geoff Moore, of Carson Road, said; “The access would be onto a narrow road which is already a rat run at rush hour.

“We already have problems with flooding and with 13 houses, I am worried about where the outlet for water and sewage will be in an area where the drains already don’t seem adequate.”

His neighbour, Clifford Penney, added: “The proposed access is opposite a grassed area which is used by local children, and drivers already go too fast down this road, using it to avoid the traffic lights on Preston New Road.

“So more houses will lead to additional traffic in an already busy area.”

Andrew Wyatt, of Newhouse Road, said: “It is a big garden, but I think 13 houses is far too many, and I am concerned about one in particular which is going to be a very dominant building overlooking my garden.

“Virtually all the trees are going to go, and many of the trees provide nesting sites for small birds.”

But architect Alan Jones, who has designed the scheme, said: “It is a large garden and the application represents an opportunity to cut down the size of it and provide housing suitable for young families. Some of the trees need cutting down because of the condition they are now in, but the layout preserves a lot of the trees.

“We feel the scheme fits in with the area, and it will be 
a desirable cul-de-sac to live in.”

In 1999, plans for 37 two bedroom two and three storey flats on the site were thrown out by Blackpool Council, amid concerns the scheme would affect the privacy of residents of Carson Road and Newhouse Road, and lead to the loss of mature trees.