Anger over fly-tip menace

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A woman says she is “sick to death” of an alley by her house being used as a dumping ground by neighbours and fly-tippers from further afield.

Gail Swarbrick, 34, says the problems on Handsworth Road, North Shore, have left her wanting to move away from the house she grew up in.

But she says she is unable to do so because of her blind mother’s familiarity with the local area.

She said: “I’m sick to death of ringing the council about it and I’ve found a dead rat there too the other day which is absolutely disgusting.

“It’s been going a good couple of years now.

“The council has cleaned it up and done a fantastic job but it just keeps happening time and time again.

“The people who do it just do not care at all.”

Gail lives with her father Robert, 63, and mother Linda, 61 - who is registered blind.

She added: “We’ve lived here all our lives and I used to play in that alley when I was a little girl.

“It’s not just people nearby doing it, they’re from elsewhere as well.

“People come and open the gate with a truck, tip it up and throw all their rubbish in.

“It’s just disgusting and I’ve had enough now.

“I’ve wanted to move for a long time but my parents won’t move – why should they?”

She said the incidents have been happening for at least two years.

Coun Amy Cross, cabinet member for streetscene and the environment at Blackpool Council, said: “We thoroughly investigate every incident of fly-tipping in Blackpool to search for evidence that will help us bring the culprits to justice.

“We take fly-tipping offences very seriously and do prosecute those people whose actions blight communities, cause a hazard to residents and divert tax payers’ money into cleaning up the area afterwards.

“There is no excuse to illegally dump waste – household waste can be disposed at the council’s refuse centre in Bispham or by using our new mobile recycling unit, Rover.”