Anger at vandals’ attack on vehicles

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RESIDENTS were shocked when they woke to find their cars had been deliberately daubed with paint by mindless vandals.

A total of seven vehicles were damaged during the overnight attack in South Shore yesterday.

They had all been parked on St Annes Road, outside the homes of their owners.

Vicky Shirt and her fiance Stephen Smith were among those who had to painstakingly clean the black paint from their cars.

Now police are investigating the attacks which Miss Shirt, 34, said were the latest in a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour to blight the area.

She added: “We awoke to a neighbour letting us know our cars had been vandalised during the night.

“Black gloss paint had been put on several cars on our block, about seven in total, and this is not the first time our cars have been affected.

“A couple of months ago I called out the police in the early hours when I watched a youth standing on the bonnet of my car and doing a back flip off it. Something needs to be done about the vandals who think this is perfectly acceptable behaviour.

“Both myself and my fiance work hard to be able to afford our little luxuries.

“And and we do not appreciate having to work even harder to afford the repairs after someone has taken it upon themselves to vandalise our property.

“Everyone is very angry about what has happened.”

Paint was daubed on the handles, locks, windscreens and petrol caps of the vehicles affected by the vandalism. All had been parked on the same stretch of road outside the houses, which do not have driveways.

Miss Shirt, who works as an NVQ assessor in health and social care, was forced to take a day off work in order to speak to the police about the incident, while Mr Smith was late for his job while he cleaned off the paint from his Toyota MR2 and Vicky’s Toyota Yaris.

A spokesman for Blackpool Police said the incident had been reported at 8am on Monday, and was believed to have happened some time between Sunday night and Monday morning.

She added: “It has been reported to us that up to seven cars have been damaged and we are looking into it.”

Miss Shirt added: “A few months ago one of my neighbours found a dent on the top of his car.”