Ambulance attack could hit service

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AN ambulance came under attack as a paramedic was attending to a patient.

The rear window of the Skoda Estate “fast ambulance” was shattered after the driver left the car on Deepdale Avenue, Carleton, and went to a home where she was required.

Sgt Steve Bell, of Lancashire Police, said: “Offences of criminal damage are bad enough but an attack on an ambulance really isn’t on.


“The paramedic returned to the vehicle to find the damage.

“They didn’t see who had done the damage although there were groups of youths seen in the area at the time.

“We would appeal for anyone who has witnessed this damage to contact us immediately.”

Dave Rigby, sector manager for Fylde at North West Ambulance Service, said: “A paramedic was attending an emergency at a house on Deepdale Avenue on Monday at around 5pm.

“When she returned to her rapid response vehicle which was parked in the street, she discovered the rear windscreen was shattered.

“The incident was reported to the police.

“This vehicle would not normally be used to transport patients to hospital. We generally use Rapid Response Vehicles to get to our most poorly patients as they can manoeuvre through traffic quicker than full-size ambulances.

“As a result of this mindless act of vandalism, there is now one less emergency vehicle in the area and there will continue to be until it has been repaired.

“This could impact on how quickly we get to our patients. We don’t have an unlimited supply of ambulances and I cannot understand how anyone could damage a vehicle belonging to a service which exists purely to help people.”

Wyre councillor for the area James Hargreaves said: “This has come out of the blue: I am very surprised at this.

“We don’t normally have problems of this sort in Carleton and nobody has reported any disruptions or drunken behaviour.”