Always setting the bra high

Photo Neil Cross'Isabel Wilkie at the Lingerie Lounge, Queen Street, Blackpool,
Photo Neil Cross'Isabel Wilkie at the Lingerie Lounge, Queen Street, Blackpool,
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She’s known as the “female Gok Wan”.

And some call her the “bra doctor”.

Isabel Wilkie can tell instantly whether or not a woman’s bra fits properly and she can tell your bra size – just by looking at them.

And Isabel, manager at the Lingerie Lounge, on Queen Street, Blackpool, is passionate about making sure women are wearing correctly-fitting underwear.

She says: “Wearing the right bra can make such a big difference. It changes how your entire outfit and figure looks.

“After 20 years in the business, I can tell a bra size just by looking.

“The right bra can do amazing things to your body shape.

“When you’re wearing the right bra, it can really help boost your confidence.

“If you get a bra which fits you really well, it makes your outfit look and fit better, it improves posture.

“Each body shape is different and each customer is different – so we offer a specialised, individual service. We have a whole range of different bras and corsets to suit everyone, including maternity bras.

“There’s no need for a well-fitting bra to be fuddy-duddy – they can be pretty, they can be sexy. We have really beautiful sets in stock.”

The Lingerie Lounge was formerly known as Body Talk, and the shop was taken over after the previous owner retired. When Chrissy Thomas Griffin took over the four-storey building which houses it last year, with her business partner, and started a major renovation project, she felt the store was such a hidden gem, she wanted to keep it going.

There has been a lingerie store in Queen Street for 60 years and generations of women have used it for fittings.

The staff and service have stayed the same, although the shop has changed its name and had a revamp – it has been redecorated to make it a more comfortable, relaxing environment.

The shop now has an online presence with a website and Facebook page.

It still stocks the same brands customers know and love, but has added new lines too.

Chrissy said: “When customers come to the shop, they can expect a complete, discreet fitting service and product knowledge.

“We specialise in maternity and mastectomy products and cater for larger sizes also, sports-wear, corsets, bridal and strapless.

“We can fit you to match almost every dress or gown you bring us. The correct-fitting bra eases strains on the rest of the body and makes clothes look better too.

“We are unique in how personal our fitting service is and how specialist we are.

“We keep records of our customer details and needs and adapt our ranges and new lines to suit the local residents specifically.

“Even other lingerie shops refer customers to us when they can’t cater for somebody.”

Visit, call (01253) 626495 or search on Facebook for Lingerie Lounge.