All set for Reem Party

Pictured Joey Essex from TV show 'The Only Way is Essex' in The Blue Boar, Essex.' 06-04-11'Jas Lehal
Pictured Joey Essex from TV show 'The Only Way is Essex' in The Blue Boar, Essex.' 06-04-11'Jas Lehal
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Poulton’s award-winning nightclub The Residence looks like having its busiest ever night with the first Fylde coast appearance of reality star Joey Essex.

Joey, one of the stars of the cult series The Only Way Is Essex, will be presenting a “Reem Party” at the Vicarage Road club tonight and club owner Elliott Simpson says the demand for tickets has been “overwhelming.”

“We’ve had some knockout nights before but I’ve never known anything like this one,” he said. “All the VIP booths and VIP tickets were sold out weeks ago and people will have to arrive when the doors open if they want to guarantee getting in at all.

“Facebook has been frantic, the phone has been red hot and I’ve kept having people stop me in the street virtually begging for tickets.”

With a face tanned more tangerine than a Blackpool FC home shirt and a magnificent bouffant, Joey was introduced into the second series of the not so fly-on-the-wall reality show as the cousin of Chloe Simms.

For anyone new to TOWIE, Joey’s hero is Mark Wright and maybe that could be why he has set his sights on some of Mark’s previous love interests.

Joey is a suave playboy, whipping out killer chat-up lines like ‘do you fancy me?’, so it’s easy to see why the ladies fall at his feet. Or not.

For your information, he hates people who can’t tell the difference between a hair dryer and a blow dryer – which explains a lot.

Joey is willing to suffer for fashion, and even goes so far as to wear shoes two sizes too small because he doesn’t want people to think he has feet like a clown, it’s a very strict policy of his.

His catchphrase is ‘I’m looking reem’ and for those not in the know, we think it means he reckons he is looking pretty hot.

“That’s why the night is a ‘Reem Party’ - and people will be assessed according to Joey’s standards, ” said Elliott.