Alastair Taylor's golf tips

Alastair Taylor golf tips
Alastair Taylor golf tips
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Everyone wants to hit the ball further off the tee and there are certain aspects which must happen for this to be achieved.

Most of us know that ideally we need to:
1) Swing as quickly as we can
2) Strike the ball from the middle of the club-face
3) Hit up on the golf ball to reduce backspin
4) Swing to the right through impact (left for a left-handed golfer)
Golfers don’t realise that by hitting up on the ball through impact many golfers add extra loft which in turn creates more impact.
To try and reduce this ideally we want to feel as though we take loft off the driver by keeping the hands ahead of the club-head at impact while still hitting up on the ball.
The less loft at impact with the above launch characteristics will transfer greater energy from club-head to ball, increasing ball speed and so longer drives.
It takes some practice but when you feel comfortable with it you can take it to the course.
Contact Alastair at Lytham golf academy call 01772 631520 or watch his YouTube channel titled ‘Maximising ball speed with driver for longer drives.’