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Taylor's golf tips
Taylor's golf tips
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The Herons Reach professional gives some timely advice

A good takeaway guarantees good shots, but I think it gives you a better chance.
The first couple of feet of the back-swing is called the takeaway and everyone always talks about how the ‘one-piece takeaway’ is what everyone should strive for.
So what is it? It’s when the club-head, hands, arms, shoulders and torso move away from the ball in one movement.
A common misconception that destroys this movement is that golfers somehow manage to move the club-head and body at the same speed.
Where the club-head has a huge distance to move to the top of the back-swing the body has a very small distance and getting the timing wrong means a very disconnected movement which most golfers never recover from.
The club-head needs to move slightly first and quicker allowing the arms and body to follow when you are physically capable of.
A great drill to feel this timing is to swing the club back and forwards a few times to waist height and get the feeling of how the club leads and the body follows. Once you have this feeling you need to replicate it during your swing.
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