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Alastair Taylor advises
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The Herons Reach professional looks at lessons from The Open

Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson were amazing during the final round of The Open.

Henrik favours the three-wood and feels that he will hit more fairways and give himself a better chance to attack the flags.

Certainly for most golfers, particularly those who haven’t been fitted correctly, the three-wood, with its extra loft and a shorter shaft than a driver, will offer greater accuracy and control.

It helps that Henrik hits his three-wood nearly 300 yards and so it doesn’t punish him too much for leaving longer shots into the green, but for most club golfers those extra 20 to 30 yards can make a huge difference to whether they can reach the green or not.

If you struggle with a driver, then the three-wood is a great option.

To improve with a driver, get a lesson, have a fitting and make sure you know what you should be doing. And make sure the driver you have gives you a chance to do it.

If you have always loved your three-wood off the tee, keep it up – Henrik has done pretty well favouring it.

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