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Stop skying your driver

One thing that I see too often is that within a week or two of buying a new driver golfers have managed to mark the top of their driver by skying a couple of tee shots.

As well as being a very poor shot it ruins the look of the club.

But why does it happen and how do we stop it?

This particular shot happen when a golfer hits down too much with the driver, or any wood from the tee, taking all the loft off the face and presenting the top of the club to the ball. Unfortunately most golfers will then tee the ball lower to stop this happening again but all this creates is a steeper angle of attack with the swing and increasing the issue in the swing.

What I like to see after skying a tee shot is to tee the ball higher than before and the golfer concentrating on swinging more up through impact and trying to pick the ball off the tee.

When this is achieved they will hit the ball more consistently and further than before. It will take some practice but once you get used to it you will never sky a tee shot again.

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