Agency ‘aware’ of Blackpool bus crash

Bus accident at the Yorkshire Bank on St Johns Square
Bus accident at the Yorkshire Bank on St Johns Square
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The driver of a bus that crashed into the side of a Blackpool bank has yet to hear whether the incident will be investigated.

Roads were closed around St John’s Square on Tuesday after the double decker crashed into the Yorkshire Bank on Abingdon Street at around 1.35pm.

The bus was heading back from dropping a group of schoolchildren off at the Winter Gardens to practice for their Hilton Foundation performance, which took place that night.

The square had been opened to buses by Blackpool Council at the request of the venue.

Police confirmed that nobody was hurt in the crash, but that both the bus and bank were damaged.

The bus was removed from the scene and roads were reopened at around 2.30pm.

Police are no longer involved in the investigation.

One witness, Chris Wilkinson, posted on social media: “I saw saw this happen and it was just a slight bump with (the) top window going through.”

The driver and vehicle standards agency has been made aware of the incident, though an investigation has not been launched at this stage.

A spokesman said: “Once we determine the nature of the accident we will decide whether or not to make a full inquiry.”

The driver, a 44-year-old man from Bank View Travel in Preston, was attempting to turn the bus around when he was dazzled by the sun and collided with the building.

Bank View Travel declined to comment.

Yorkshire Bank is still open for business.

A spokesman said: “The sign was damaged but nobody was hurt and the branch is still open to customers.”

Neil Raine, who also witnessed the crash, said: “The bus had been turning in the square area when it collided with the sign on the bank.

“I was passing at the time when it happened.

“The top front of the bus, the front window and the supporting frame are all completely crushed.

“The sign that it collided with is in a better shape than the bus.”

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