Action taken as travellers occupy main car park for tourists

Gypsys have arrived on the South Car Park, Yeadon Way, Blackpool.'14th August 2015
Gypsys have arrived on the South Car Park, Yeadon Way, Blackpool.'14th August 2015
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Council chiefs were forced to take legal action after around 30 travellers moved onto a major visitor car park in Blackpool

They arrived on South Car Park, off Yeadon Way, on Thursday and were handed a notice by Blackpool Council ordering them to leave by teatime yesterday. But there were concerns the travellers may stay all weekend, taking car parking spaces meant for tourists.

Susie Gallagher, owner of the New Market on Waterloo Road, South Shore, said; “It is not very welcoming for visitors when they come down Yeadon Way to see one of the car parks occupied by a big group of travellers.

“Hopefully they will move on.

“I just hope the police and council can take some action pretty quickly. It is a paying car park after all.”

Councillors representing Waterloo said they had been alerted by residents to the situation.

Coun Derek Robertson, said: “I was alerted to it on Thursday night and I’m sure council officers will be dealing with it. But if the group stays over the weekend I think there will be concerns because that is one of the main tourist car parks.”

Coun David O’Hara said: “The police and council are dealing with it.

“Hopefully they are proper travellers and will clear up when they leave.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said officers had visited the site and issued a notice to the travellers ordering them to leave by teatime on Friday.

He said that further legal action would be taken if the group failed to move on. Some of caravans were still on site when the Gazette visited at 6pm last night.