Ace George is one of the chosen Fu

George Gauld goes through his paces before his appearance in the international spotlight.
George Gauld goes through his paces before his appearance in the international spotlight.
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A FEARLESS fighter will realise his dream of teaching in the presence of combat legends.

Martial arts instructor George Gauld has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime to conduct a workshop at an international show.

Martial Arts expert George Gauld.

Martial Arts expert George Gauld.

The SENI Combat Sports Show, held at the Excel in London, has invited Mr Gauld, 44, of Poulton to showcase his talents to thousands of enthusiasts.

A slot at the exhibition is widely regarded to be a jewel in the crown of the sport, and puts Mr Gauld in the same bracket as internationally renowned stars.

He said: “I’m still on cloud nine.

“This is the biggest thing I have ever done in my entire life of martial arts.

“It’s much bigger than when I got my first black belt because it’s such an honour.

“Getting to do a workshop is invite only and it’s very prestigious in the martial arts world.

“The event has various seminars and lectures from martial arts and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stars from all over the world. To be involved in the weekend is a massive boost for me.”

Since his first Taekwondo lesson at the age of 11, the lighting design engineer has enjoyed more than 33 years’ studying different disciplines. After initially taking up Taekwondo, he moved on to Kung Fu and now runs his own martial arts class.

He added: “I have been to the event for the past few years but this is the first time I’ve been invited to teach. My workshop will look at Combat Taekwondo, self-protection and control.”

UFC stars Michael Bisping, Jeff Monson and Ian Freeman will all be at the show, which is co-organised by Tony Pillage, Mr Gauld’s instructor of seven years.

He said: “This is the world’s biggest martial arts show and we are expecting between 25,000 and 30,000 martial arts fans. What we try and do with workshops is bring forward people who have an enormous amount of experience and allow the next British talent a space on the stage. I’ve worked with George for a number of years and he has done some sterling work in Blackpool.

“I would love to see his workshop because he is a great instructor.”