A weekend of snow on way

Alicia Glazka (left) and Ruby Lee enjoying the last snowfall with dog Sienna.
Alicia Glazka (left) and Ruby Lee enjoying the last snowfall with dog Sienna.
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IT’S Easter next week, people are booking summer holidays and the cricket season is under a month away – but the Fylde coast is preparing to spend the weekend under yet another carpet of soft, white snow.

The Met Office has confirmed today is set to be a freezing Friday, with the possibility of more icy conditions to come over the rest of the weekend.

And with matches due to start next month, Blackpool Cricket Club’s chairman Dave Cresswell admitted he had his head in his hands when he saw the coming weekend’s weather forecast.

He said: “It’s affecting our preparations and we’ve got a thermal blanket on the pitch at the moment to try to protect it because the ground temperature isn’t as it should be for the grass to keep growing, so we’re well behind schedule.”

The club has already cancelled some friendly matches it had arranged for April 6 and 7, and Mr Cresswell believes a further weekend of white weather could mean his players’ white flannels stay tucked away in their kit bags for some time to come.

He said: “The way things are going we’re not going to be able to play much cricket in April, we need the weather to improve dramatically over the next couple of weeks.”

Frozen roads could wreak havoc for drivers in the coming days, and the Blackpool and Fylde Advanced Motorists has issued some advice to help people stay safe in their cars.

The group’s secretary, Judith Godbert, said: “It’s just generally common sense like making sure your car is roadworthy.

“You should check your tyre pressure weekly in bad weather and just take general safety precautions.

“Having a first aid kit in the boot is a good idea as well as a shovel in case you need to dig yourself out of a snowdrift.

“Keep some warm drinks and food especially if you’re going out in the country.

“Have a mobile phone with you and obviously keep plenty of fuel in the car for your journey.”

The Met Office confirmed light and snowy showers were set to continue throughout today, with temperatures reaching a high of two degrees celsius and lows of zero.

More light snow is expected on Saturday, with a windchill factor of minus six at its coldest point.

There is no snow due on Sunday but the cold weather will remain, with highs of two degrees and lows of minus one.

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