A war zone? Legendary theatre goes to rubble

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It was once one of the biggest night clubs in the country but now the only “banging” tunes coming from the site of the former Syndicate are the sounds of jackhammers and demolition gear.

The building, which opened in 1895 as the Empire, then became the Hippodrome before being renamed as the ABC 

At its peak it played host to top acts such as The Beatles.

It then became the huge 
silver-clad nightclub. It closed in August 2011 after nine years at the centre of the town’s clubbing scene when it could house up to 4,000 clubbers on a weekend night.

Once demolished, Blackpool Council intends to use the Church Street site as a car park until a suitable use for the prime town centre site can be found.

The council paid £650,000 for the derelict building in December 2012 but the total cost following demolition is set to be in the region of £1.5m.