A very Happy ending

Esther was found in a cariier bag (below) and (bottom) Steve and Cherith Cushing and Sue and Dave Hayward.
Esther was found in a cariier bag (below) and (bottom) Steve and Cherith Cushing and Sue and Dave Hayward.
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YOUNG lives are being both saved and transformed at Sue Hayward’s Happy House in Kenya.

Children, near to death from malnutrition, babies abandoned and left to die, find a home there where, once restored to health they grow and thrive.

The blue bag Esther was found in.

The blue bag Esther was found in.

A man who spent his career in medicine, former North Shore GP Dr Steve Cushing and his wife Cherith have been supporting the Happy House by fund-raising for the last three years – they now also have a special tie with its youngest family member, baby Esther.

Steve, of Staining, said: “Although we have been supporting The Happy House for over three years, it was not until January we were able to visit. What an amazing place – open, spacious, welcoming and indeed happy.

“After two days we visited Malindi hospital. In the children’s ward, were 18 tiny babies in eight incubators. The newest arrival, a four-day-old girl had been found abandoned in the early hours of that morning.

“We also visited the scrubland where she had been found, saw the rags in which she had been wrapped and the blue plastic bag she was left in.

Steve & Cherith Cushing and Sue & Dave Hayward.

Steve & Cherith Cushing and Sue & Dave Hayward.

“She arrived at her new home, the Happy House, the day after we left. Now instead of an existence in of extreme poverty she’s a lucky girl who is well fed, well dressed and loved.

“We had the pleasure of naming her Esther after Cherith’s grandmother.”

Former Blackpool hotelier Sue Hayward opened the Happy House children’s home in Kenya two years ago after visiting the area and seeing the plight of youngsters.

Steve added: “We are privileged to be able to support her with a small monthly sponsorship, which means she will be able to live in The Happy House and be educated until she’s old enough to make her way in the world.

“Our support for The Happy House is now very personal, and we will be able to make sure Esther receives birthday and Christmas cards and family photos, as well as gifts. In return we are regularly updated about her progress.”


The Happy House has launched a ‘Find a Friend Appeal’.

It costs £20 a month to sponsor a Happy House child through Blackpool based charity, Children of Watamu (UK reg: 1098731)

You can download a sponsor form from the website: www.childrenofwatamu.net or please email sue@childrenofwatamu.net or elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net.

You can also help by fund-raising or making a donation.

Please call Elizabeth Gomm on 07905 130589 (10am-6pm).


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