A royal salute to chips!

Shakies fish and chip shop
Shakies fish and chip shop
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THESE fish and chips have been given a right royal seal of approval.

Food lover and Prince Charles’ stepson, Tom Parker Bowles, has described Shakies in Fleetwood as the “best chippy in Britain”.

The Daily Mail food critic, who in 2009 described the Shakespeare Road chippy as “if not the best, in his top 10” featured it once again in the Daily Mail’s Live Magazine this month.

Owner Gill Pittounikos, said: “We didn’t realise he had written about us again in the magazine until people from Birmingham and Burnley started coming in.

“They said they had read Tom’s review and wanted to give us a try - people go so crazy for good fish and chips.

“When Tom first came over in 2009 we noticed an increase in customers and it has happened again this time – it is amazing how much power celebrities have.”

Gill’s husband, Chris, said: “It is always great to hear praise from any customer but to receive recognition from such a well known figure is really an honour.

“It was great fun having Tom with us, he was really nice, he just stood at the back of the shop eating his food smiling and nodding his head.

“I am really happy he enjoyed his fish and chips so much.”

Mr Parker Bowles describes Sharkies as a “small chippie outside Blackpool”.

He says they change their oil every day, cook fresh fish to order and even their mushy peas are made fresh each morning meaning it’s his best tip for a top chippy.

Chris, who has owned the shop since 2003, says: “When you get up every day and do the same thing, cook fish and chips, take the kids to school, you can sometimes wonder what the point is.

“When you get comments like this it really makes it all worthwhile, it gives you a great boost and you know you are top of your game.

“And we will continue to be the best we can.”

You can read Tom Parker Bowles’ comments in the Daily Mail online.