A real weight off her mind

Angela Rowe from Thornton has managed to lose over 5 stone on the Cambridge Weight Plan
Angela Rowe from Thornton has managed to lose over 5 stone on the Cambridge Weight Plan
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The thought of attending a friend’s wedding and being photographed prompted Stanah mum Angela Rowe to lose more than 5st in just four months.

The 38-year-old had never been very confident and her weight-gain made her really go into her shell.

She was a “secret-eater” and as a housewife and full-time mum for five years, found the kitchen was all too handy to get to.

Angela felt her weight had got out of control and was affecting her marriage and family life – “all I wanted to do was stay in, watch TV and eat.”

She said: “If the house was empty, I would raid the cupboards and still have tea when everyone got home.

“This became a habit, which I didn’t seem to be able to shake off.

“We went on holiday one year and we sat on the plane – I went to put my seat belt on and it only just fit, and I remember thinking to myself ‘I can’t get any bigger otherwise I would have to ask for an extension on the belt’ and I would have been mortified to do this.

“At the beginning of the year, our friends told us they were getting married on July 21, in a lovely hotel in the Lakes and my husband had the honour of being best man. All I could think about was what am I going to wear and ‘I can’t go looking like this, I will ruin their photos.’

“I noticed one of my friends on Facebook had joined the Cambridge Weight Plan and I watched her success, pictures and positive attitude towards the diet.”

It took Angela a couple of months to pluck up the courage to start on the plan.

“My consultant Sarah Smith was amazing, she did not judge. All I got was positive feedback and advice.

“The first few weeks of the diet were very hard and I used to think ‘I can’t do this’, but Sarah kept me focused and so did the wedding.

“After the first couple of weeks, it became a way of life. I was in a great routine, I started a new job which I walked to every day. It was two miles there and two miles back. I had finally learned how to control my eating.”

Angela dropped a staggering 5st 4lbs – going from 16st 4lbs and a size 20, to 11st and a svelte size 12.

At the wedding, for the first time, Angela did her make-up and wore false eyelashes, as well as having her hair done.

She said: “I walked down stairs with my children and I felt amazing. My husband and friends couldn’t believe the way I looked.

“My life has now turned a massive corner. I have started rebuilding my friendship circle, with having more of an active life.

“Clothes shopping is amazing, I can go to all high street shops.

“The most important and best thing to have come out of doing the Cambridge Diet is that I’m happy, full of confidence, and I can finally smile again.” Angela is now training to become a Cambridge plan consultant, to help others achieve the same success.

Her consultant Sarah Smith said: “As the weeks went on and the weight came off, Angela became like a new person.

“At the initial weigh-in, she was really quiet and shy and seemed really down about her weight.

“She is such a happy person now. It just shows with the right diet and support, you can change your life.”

Find out more by emailing sarahsmith_cwp@hotmail.com or call 07538 972588.