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Blackpool photographer and mum Lisa Holman
Blackpool photographer and mum Lisa Holman
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When Blackpool mum Lisa Holman was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time, she wanted to find a way to help others.

The 42-year-old, who lives near Stanley Park, was recently given the news the illness had returned and she will have to undergo a course of intensive chemotherapy.

Lisa, a photographer, first discovered she had the condition in January 2007. After surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, it looked like she had beaten it.

And Lisa says she is determined to beat it again – she is also hoping something positive can come out of her situation.

She is offering local cancer patients – and others with medical conditions or disabilities – special photoshoots, with a percentage of the fee going to local charities Hug in A Bag and Hint of Pink, to support breast cancer patients.

Lisa said: “I know it won’t appeal to everyone, but I’m offering photoshoots for ladies either having treatment or recovering, or for anyone else for any reason. It’s to help others, but also to help keep myself going.

“While I am undergoing treatment, I won’t be able to commit to events like weddings, but this project would give me something to focus on. Taking photos is my passion and something I really enjoy.

“Last time I had treatment, I felt like I hid myself away a bit. I struggled with feeling feminine, with a puffy face and body from steroids, with having no hair, no eyebrows.

“But overall, I was still the same person.

“I have a different outlook this time. I’m in a different place, spiritually and emotionally and I really am seeing things differently. I’m not afraid and I see an opportunity to help others.

“So I’d like to help ladies remember we are still ourselves, still the same person, despite the physical appearance – and help them embrace that inner beauty and strength.

“They can be reassured I understand what they’re going through and how they might be feeling – I will be going through it too.

“It might be they’d like to share the photos with family and friends, or they might just want to keep them for themselves. If someone has a poor diagnosis, perhaps they might want some really special photos to create some memories.

“It can be at a location of their choice and whatever they would like really. I intend to capture their spirit with the photographs, their inner beauty. I love to focus on the eyes as I feel they show the soul.

“If someone would like to dress up and be glamorous for the photos, they can do that, if they want some photos somewhere like the park with the lovely autumn colours – we can do that, they can be natural photos – whatever they would like.

“The price will be £80 for the shoot and they will receive a USB stick of fully edited photos, for them to do whatever they’d like with. Obviously, if they would like to buy prints from me they can, but there’s no obligation at all.

“And £30 from each shoot will be split between Blackpool Hug in A Bag, which gives a special gift bag to every patient diagnosed with breast cancer at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, and Hint of Pink – which supports the breast care unit. They are such good causes, and this will give me and the other ladies a chance to give something back.

“It doesn’t have to be ladies with cancer, it might be someone with another medical condition, or a disability who might not feel comfortable about having a photoshoot. I hope I can help them too.

“It’s a way for me to do something positive and to hopefully help others.”

Visit www.lisaholmanphotography.co.