A model way to sell ship

Fleetwood Rotarian Gordon�Oates (left)�with�Alan�Redford�and� the�'model�of�HMS�Victory.
Fleetwood Rotarian Gordon�Oates (left)�with�Alan�Redford�and� the�'model�of�HMS�Victory.
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This lovingly crafted model of Admiral Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Victory is being offered for sale through Fleetwood Rotary Club.

The Rotarians were given the 3ft 7ins-long wooden scale model by Thornton man Alan Radford, who wanted to help the club’s charitable work.

Alan, 82, is well known in the Fleetwood, Thornton and Cleveleys areas for his woodworking skills.

It took Alan well over a year, in his spare time, to make the model of this most famous of historic ships from a specialist kit his grandchildren gave him as a Christmas present in 2014.

Alan said: “I really enjoyed making this particular model and I would like it to be sold to enhance the charity funds of The Rotary Club of Fleetwood.”

Gordon Oates, honorary secretary of Fleetwood Rotary said: “We are grateful to Alan for donating this beautiful model of HMS Victory and we hope to raise a considerable amount of money from it.

“We would welcome any suggestions on the best way to sell the model which we believe will be of great interest to nautical memorabilia collectors.”

The real HMS Victory, launched in 1765, was Nelson’s flagship in the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar. Incredibly, the ship is not only still intact at Portsmouth’s dry dock today, but is the world’s oldest ship still in commission.

Anyone interested in buying the model, or giving any advice, should contact Gordon Oates on (01253) 876066 or email:gordon.oates@bankhouse.fsbusiness.co.uk.