A magical milestone for king of the G-Force!

Richard Rodriguez has completed 103 days on the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Richard Rodriguez has completed 103 days on the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
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A THRILL-SEEKING roller coaster enthusiast has cemented his place in history and the record books.

After twists, turns, drops of 235ft and speeds of 85mph, New York City’s Richard Rodriguez has completed 103 consecutive days on the Pleasure Beach’s Big One.

The 54-year-old endured one of the wettest summers on record but says he was kept in high spirits by adoring fans throughout his 33 years breaking 17 theme park world records.

He started on May 31, completing on average six hours a day before reaching the amazing milestone yesterday

He told The Gazette: “Every marathon has its own milestones and when I first started doing challenges I just wanted to get through one night, and a lot of people bet against me.

“Once I achieved that it opened up a whole set of ideas from getting through a week, and then a month.

“It’s been a particularly rainy summer in the UK which has made it difficult, but it’s a good feeling to achieve this.

“People say it’s the G-Force which must be the hardest to deal with but after a while the body becomes acclimatised to it and it’s the rain which affects me.”

The marathon man first entered the record books in 1977 when he rode a rollercoaster for four days without a break.

But after clocking up 20,000 miles on the iconic attraction every day, he does not intend to get off the ride just yet and could extend his stay by another week.

He added: “I will never say ‘never’ to another challenge because I get a lot of e-mails from people who want to break my records.

“I enjoy the triumph of competition even now in my 50s and I’ve had a lot of support from the Blackpool public and it’s like being in a small home town.”

Amanda Thompson, managing director of the Pleasure Beach, said: “I congratulate him on his achievement as it truly is a great feat of endurance for any roller coaster enthusiast and to do it on board the Big One is very special for everyone here.”