"A lot of misinformed bigoted comments here": readers react to AKS Lytham closing because travellers have moved onto its land

AKS Lytham school has over 500 pupils.
AKS Lytham school has over 500 pupils.
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News that AKS Lytham school has closed after travellers moved onto its land has prompted a wide variety of reactions from readers.

Readers have clashed over the decision by staff at AKS Lytham, a private school with more than 500 pupils, to close the school over safeguarding issues.

A spokesperson for the school said that "There are dogs running around and it is felt it isn't safe for the pupils to be in."

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Here are a few of the comments from readers:

"What gives you the right to stop kids getting an education?" - Adam Pennington, Facebook.

"Gypsy people just want to live their way of life and they can't do it...It's the councils that are at fault and it's them you should be complaining to." - Lisa Lee, Facebook.

"Children's education shouldn't have to suffer when there is plenty of other land to be utilised." - Beverley Sargeant, Facebook.

"You’re talking about people...South shore was started by gypsy wagons and tents in the dunes. Look at the local history. Gypsies. The Tower circus. How do you think that got there?...How soon we forget. Shame on you." - Tracey Jones, Facebook.

"It's about respect at the end of the day. The travellers here have none and deserve none." - Sean Philburn-Powell, Facebook.

"Last I heard is that travellers don't eat children. Sending the kids home is a tad reactive and extreme. Travellers are family folks too." - Sammy Shackleton, Facebook.

"If I set up a tent on this land and refused to move I would be arrested, one rule for travellers and one rule for everyone else." - Anne Boyd, Facebook.

"If people didn’t keep pushing the travelling community around so much and provided safe places from them they wouldn’t just pull onto any old land." - Julia Wadsworth, Facebook.

"A lot of misinformed bigoted comments here. Dear me." - William Blackbourn, Facebook.