Ian Cartmell with wife Jayne  and daughters Molly (11) and Daisy (10) at Dauntesey Avenue, Blackpool. (All have black belt in Taekwondo)
Ian Cartmell with wife Jayne and daughters Molly (11) and Daisy (10) at Dauntesey Avenue, Blackpool. (All have black belt in Taekwondo)
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THE Cartmell family love doings things together.

So much so, they even did their black belt grading for taekwondo on the same day – and all passed!

While most of the family took up the Korean martial art for fun, for mum Jayne there was a serious aspect too.

The 49-year-old, from Blackpool, was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2007, and had to undergo lumpectomy and gruelling chemo and radiotherapy.

To help her recovery, she decided to take up taekwondo – with the rest of the family. Dad Ian and daughters Molly, 11 and Daisy, 10, had already been doing it for about a month.

She had finished her radiotherapy in April 2008, and took up the sport that October.

And the family have kept training in the sport over the last three years, two to three times every week at ILGI Taekwondo, led by Master Craig Waddington, at Stanley Park and Palatine Leisure Centre.

It started when dad Ian was taking the girls to sessions and the master suggested he join in. He was closely followed by Jayne.

Jayne said: “I love the discipline and etiquette and I also really enjoy the fact you have to learn some Korean, as all the commands are Korean.

“When I first started it was quite hard, I had been left tired by the treatment and didn’t think I would really be able to do it.

“But my stamina built up gradually, I just started off steady and now I love it.

“It’s really nice to have an activity we can do as a family, and it’s great we’re at the same level.

“There are some things I can’t do, as I had lymph nodes removed and I’m not as keen on the fighting, but I am sure my health is now better than it would have been without doing the taekwondo.

“There are lot of benefits to it and it has helped boost my confidence.

“I hope other people might read this and realise how much they could benefit too.”

Ian said: “It’s got a really good social side, the girls have made new friends and we have too.

“It’s great for the girls, because it helps keep them fit and healthy and means they are doing something active – rather than sitting around watching TV or playing computer games.

“There’s also the side of it which focuses on manners and etiquette and discipline and self-control.

“We were delighted to pass our grading together for the black belt. It’s been hard work. It’s taken perseverance, so we are all really chuffed.”