A designer eco-home

Palatine winners show off their eco-home design.
Palatine winners show off their eco-home design.
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CREATIVE pupils have put their knowledge of how to save the planet to good use.

The Year Seven and Eight youngsters were set a challenge to create an eco-home as part of their involvement in Climate Week.

Groups of youngsters from Palatine Sports College used their knowledge of the three Rs – recycle, reduce, reuse – scientific ideas on how to protect the environment and new technology to reduce the carbon footprint of a home.

Aimee Rawcliffe, Rachel Nicholson, Kianne Ingham, Jade Burke and Nicole Payne, a team of Year Eight pupils, came up with the winning design, using ideas from their classmates as well as their own knowledge of environmental issues.

Emma Pearson, a science teacher at the school on St Anne’s Road, South Shore, said: “There’s was the winner because they’d really thought about the three Rs. They got quite into it, thinking about what could be recycled or reused.

“They had things like collecting rainwater, had a vegetable bed to cut down on carbon emissions for food, it had recycling and compost bins and furniture made from recycled plastic. They were very good ideas.”

The competition was such a success that teachers are now looking to run more lessons like it to encourage teenagers to think about their impact on the environment.

Pupil Aimee Rawcliffe said: “It was exciting as it was a change from normal lessons.”

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