A day to celebrate Britain’s finest

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“I live in Lytham St Annes where it’s so posh that when we eat cod and chips we wear a yachting cap.”

That’s what legendary comedian Les Dawson (right) said about Britain’s favourite dish.

And now the dish synonymous with the seaside will be celebrated tomorrow in a country-wide celebration of all things fish and chips.

National Fish and Chips Day kicks off tomorrow, with chip shop owners all over the UK keeping their fingers crossed for a day of roaring business.

Steve Lynton, (right) of the Granada Fish Bar, said: “This has been going for several years now to bring awareness to our national dish. I think it’s part of our culture, going back to the war and beyond.

“Fish and chips were not rationed during the First World War.”

J.K. Wan, manager of Ansdell Fisheries on Woodlands Road in Ansdell, said: “I have always worked in the food industry. Fish and chips is different to other fast food.

“The fish is fresh, not frozen. I know some shops do use frozen fish but we have ours delivered fresh every day, so it’s healthier than other fast food.”

The average portion of fish and chips contains 998.8 calories.

An Indian takeaway of curry, rice and naan bread contains 1,338 calories on average, while a 12-inch pizza can contain as much as 1,835.

Steve added: “Of course it’s one of the least calorie-heavy of all takeaways

“We have got less fat in fish and chips than pizza, burgers and Indian curries. A lot of fish and chip shops are now aware of the calories in food. In our shop we do batter-less fish as well as fish with salad.”

Rob Taylor, manager of The Fish House in Fleetwood, said: “It’s quite nice this year because we only just took over in January. This will be our first National Fish and Chips Day as The Fish House.

“I think it’s a good idea. With the fish trade dying out a bit, anything that gets peoplethrough the door is a big bonus.

“It just gets it out there how much work goes into the industry.”