A brass band surprise for a golden couple

David and Lynda Brock with Blackpool Brass Bands musical director, John Pearson.
David and Lynda Brock with Blackpool Brass Bands musical director, John Pearson.

A couple who returned to Blackpool for their 50th wedding anniversary were treated to their very own brass band as part of the celebrations.

David and Lynda Brock, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, had their honeymoon at the Imperial Hotel five decades ago and returned to the same venue to celebrate their milestone anniversary on Friday.

Lynda and David toasted the evening with a drink.

Lynda and David toasted the evening with a drink.

The couple, who met through the Salvation Army in the 1960s with David playing principal cornet in the Salvation Army Band and Lynda singing in the Army Songster Brigade, had no idea of the surprise their daughter Cheryl O’Caroll had planned for them.

Cheryl, 47, had contacted The Imperial’s manager, Alison Gilmore, and asked if it would be possible for a room to be provided for Blackpool Brass band to rehearse, after the band had agreed to Cheryl’s surprise.

Alison Gilmore said: “It was a wonderful for everyone to take part in the surprise.

“I spoke to David and Lynda on Saturday and they were still emotional.

“For someone to have their honeymoon, silver wedding anniversary and golden wedding anniversary at the same place is brilliant and we were honoured with their presence.”

The couple got married in Mexborough, South Yorkshire but had their honeymoon in Blackpool and spent their wedding night having evening dinner in the Promenade hotel.

Having fallen in love with the Imperial, the couple have since stayed at the hotel on many occasions during their 50 years of marriage

David and Lynda along with their daughter and son-in-law, Cheryl and Shaun O’Carroll and their grandchild, Ruby O’Carroll, decided to visit Blackpool and stay in the Imperial Hotel for the weekend.

The reason for the surprise brass band is due to their heavy involvement in the brass band world. David was a peripatetic brass teacher in Sheffield for many years and he was the conductor for the City of Sheffield Youth Brass Band for around 25 years.

Lynda decided that if you couldn’t beat them to join them and was always by David’s side looking after the Band Library on many Brass Band Tours including World Expo 88 in Brisbane.

When asked what their secret is to a long and happy marriage, David,74, said: “A lot of rows and clearing the air makes it possible to keep living together happily.”

Lynda, 70, said: “I give as good as I get and always have, which is why we are still married today.”

Cheryl said: “This was both a very emotional yet fantastic surprise start to the evening for my parents, who had absolutely no idea.”

The Blackpool Brass Band rehearse on a Tuesday and Friday evening at Bispham Conservative Club on Red Bank from 8pm to 9.45pm and are always looking to recruit new players.