A bootie-ful gesture is royally returned

Cath Hurley of Ragamuffin (Layton) with the booties returned from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Cath Hurley of Ragamuffin (Layton) with the booties returned from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
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As monarchists across the nation hold their breath in the anticipation of a new royal birth, one Layton woman had hoped the Windsors would soon be hearing the pitter-patter of booties from Blackpool across their palatial floors.

But unfortunately for Cath Hurley, her kind gift for the little prince (or princess) was sent back to her with a note explaining the Duchess of Cambridge did not accept presents from anyone she doesn’t know personally.

Cath, who runs Ragamuffin children’s clothing shop, on Westcliffe Drive, in Layton, sent three pairs of booties - blue, white and pink - so the gender of the baby would not be an issue.

She said: “I thought it wouldn’t do any harm so I’d just send them some booties just to wish them good luck for the future.

“I’m quite gutted because they could have just given them to a charity instead of sending them back.”

Cath addressed the parcel to Kensington Palace, the couple’s residence, in London, with a note which read: “To Kate and William, all the best and good luck.

“If you’re ever passing by Blackpool, just pop in.”

However, in spite of her regal rejection, Cath says she still wishes the Duke and Duchess the best for the future with their new arrival.

She said: “It was nice getting a letter back but you would have thought that they’d have kept them.

“I hope everything goes well for them, and I’ve still got my local customers to rely on anyway.”

A spokesman for Kensington Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very grateful for the expressions of good will that have been sent to them at this happy time.

“They do not accept gifts from commercial enterprises however, and these are returned to the sender, unless the cost is too prohibitive, in which case they are re-gifted to a suitable