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PC Dave Donafee
PC Dave Donafee
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It is the TV programme that has got the whole of Blackpool talking - but what is your view?

Last night’s episode of Channel 4’s 999: What’s Your Emergency? focused on how the emergency services deal with people who suffer mental health issues.

999: What's Your Emergency? is currently being broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday nights at 9pm.

999: What's Your Emergency? is currently being broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday nights at 9pm.

Narrator Hugo Speer said: “A quarter of the UK population will suffer from mental health problems at some time in their lives.

“And with the number of psychiatric beds falling by 80 per cent in a generation, inevitably the emergency services are dealing with more people with serious mental health problems.”

PC Dave Donafee was called out to a Halloween party that turned into a street fight and he comes face-to-face with a man who threatens to take on six policemen.

Paramedic Sue McGrath is called to a man with a history of faking injury. He’s deliberately run into a taxi and he’s previously thrown himself down the stairs.

Another regular caller, who claims to have taken 40 pills, requires an emergency motorcade to take him to hospital.

In perhaps the most touching scene in the show, severely distressed alcoholic Alan is helped by two paramedics called to his house.

They take him to hospital and sit with him as he waits to be assessed.

Five months on he is on the road to recovery and thankful for everything the 999 crews did for him.

Police officers also shared their frustrations, some feeling they are the last hope for many people and now spend more of their time acting as untrained social workers than police officers.

“The shift that I’ve seen over the past couple of years is it’s more mental health and less fighting crime,” says PC Dave Donafee. “We only deal with people when they’re at their lowest or at their worst.”

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