5ft-long pet corn snake goes missing in Cleveleys

A 5ft-long female snake has escaped from its vivarium and may be slithering loose in Cleveleys.

By Wes Holmes
Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 10:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 11:32 am
Viola the corn snake
Viola the corn snake

Viola the four-year-old corn snake is believed to have escaped her Victoria Road West home yesterday.

Her owner Emma Harris, 21, said: "She went missing yesterday in the day time when me and my husband were at work. We found there was a loose vent in her vivarium that she had managed to pop her head through and get out.

"It's possible that she had got out of the house.

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Viola the corn snake

"We last say her under the washing machine, but when we shone a light on her she moved further back, and when we moved the washing machine she was gone.

"She could have easily escaped through one of the hopes in the pipes leading to the outdoors.

"We left food traps out overnight for her and she didn't touch them.

"It's not likely she would survive very long on her own. We live right near the sea front so there are lots of seagulls in that area. Also she wouldn't take to the cold weather. If she gets very stressed and anxious, she could eat herself from the tail.

"She's actually lovely and she wouldn't hurt anybody deliberately, but if a stray dog gets scared it can bite, and it's exactly the same for snakes. But her teeth are so small it would just be like a cat scratch. There's nothing poisonous about her.

"Ideally, if people see her, they should pick her up from her head with one hand and her stomach or tail with the other. If they have a spare cardboard box just put her in there with a few pncil holes and we'll come and get her."

Anybody who sees Viola is asked to contact Emma on 07923135729