£30 bin charge gets go ahead

Coun Gillian Campbell
Coun Gillian Campbell
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A subscription service for the collection of garden waste will be introduced in Blackpool in June.

Residents will have to pay £30 a year upfront to have green refuse such as grass cuttings collected in future.

A charge has been introduced for Blackpool residents who want to get rid of green waste

A charge has been introduced for Blackpool residents who want to get rid of green waste

The council announced in December it was axing the free service in order to save £300,000 as part of £25m of budget cuts.

It has now been agreed to introduce a subscription service on June 6.

Town hall chiefs say charging £30 per year per household would require 3,340 subscriptions out of a total of 56,000 households in order for the reduced service to cover its annual costs of £100,260.

This represents a six per cent participation rate.

People not wanting to take up the service will be able to put green waste in their general refuse bin, or else take it to the Bristol Avenue tip or compost it.

Recycling of plastics, tins, cardboard and paper will continue as usual.

Green waste wheelie bins which are no longer required would be collected over the following five months and used as replacement bins when required.

Coun Gillian Campbell, deputy leader of Blackpool Council, said: “Councils all over the country are ending their green waste recycling

“This is the best possible solution available to us, saving £300,000 a year from our budget and allowing residents the choice as to whether to pay for the subscription or to make their own arrangements.

“The scheme would begin from 6 June and we will continue to collect green bins as normal until that date but afterwards will only be able to do it for those households that are subscribed.

“We will be writing to all affected households in the next few weeks to let them know of the service changes, as well as how they can apply to be part of the new scheme.”

Wyre Council is also introducing a £30 subscription fee this year but in Fylde, green waste collections will be free this year, but additional charges are being considered for the next financial year.