20mph bid for ‘danger’ road

Concerns have been raised about the safety of the junction between Station Terrace and Station Road.
Concerns have been raised about the safety of the junction between Station Terrace and Station Road.
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Introducing a 20mph speed limit or one-way traffic are just two of the options being considered to improve safety at a busy road junction.

Waterloo ward councillors David O’Hara and Tony Lee have stepped in to help after residents raised concerns about the intersection between Lytham Road and Station Terrace in South Shore.

They have walked round the streets, also including Osborne Road and Withnell Road, in order to consult with people about possible changes to the road layout.

Concerns have also been heightened since a 10-year-old girl was taken to hospital last month after she was hit by a car in Osborne Road.

Coun O’Hara said: “We recognise there are problems and we have had a walk round the area with Coun John Jones, the cabinet member for highways.

“Among the suggestions that have been put forward are the possibility of a 20mph speed limit, making Osborne Road one-way, or putting up ‘access only’ signs.

“We recognise there is an issue, particularly if cars are coming off Lytham Road at speed, on to Station Terrace and then Osborne Road. If a pedestrian is coming down the steps from the railway bridge, it is not ideal.

“We have consulted with the residents and will be taking it to the council officers to see if there is anything that can be done.

“The problem will also be finding the money to make any changes, and so we want to make sure whatever we decide is the right option for the area, and the best way of spending whatever money is available.”

Residents want safety measures to be introduced because the road layout means the approach into Station Terrace is very wide, which they claim encourages drivers to put their foot down.

Gillian Ward, whose office is on Station Terrace, said she had been contacted by officers from the council’s highways department.

She added: “It would seem they have recognised this area does need changes and they are looking into implementing somthing although it will take time.”

Introducing speed bumps, or installing a mini-roundabout at the junction of Lytham Road and Station Terrace have also been suggested.

Coun Jones has said the council is looking at the views of the residents “with serious consideration” in order to see what could be done.