Wyre Council says 'we are not an emergency service' in response to flood criticism

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Wyre Council has responded to criticism it has received following flooding in the county and says it is not 'an emergency service.'

It follows flooding in the Hambleton area with Carr Lane being one of the main affected areas.

Sandbags stockpiled by Wyre Council during floods in 2012

Sandbags stockpiled by Wyre Council during floods in 2012

David Shaw, of Sherbourne Road, said: "We are flooded and same as usual we are let down by the authorities. United Utilities can't respond until Tuesday and council are non existent. I'm out of ideas and no one listens. I don't know what to do.

"We are surrounded by septic waste with high risk elderly people living in the area. There are severely ill people who live across the road from myself who are bound to the ground floor and at this rate are two to three hours away from internal flooding with septic contaminated waste water and nobody cares.

"United Utilities are a waste of time and tell us the response time is Tuesday and Wyre Council have brought three sandbags for a street of more than 30 houses and are a disgrace. I myself have had too close the road as no one else has and we have been left to rot and fend for ourselves."

In response, a spokesman for Wyre Council said: " A small number of homes within the borough were affected as a result of surface water flooding due to high levels of rainfall and officers assisted residents where possible to alleviate flood risk.

"Flooded roads remain the responsibility of Lancashire County Council and our role during flood events is to work with the Environment Agency, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, Lancashire Police and Lancashire County Council to help those affected.

"We will also send officers into the community to assess water levels, assist in the allocation of resources and provide residents with updates on the situation. The council does not supply sandbags to individuals but these are available to buy at local builder’s merchants. You can also find details of where to buy alternative flood defence products online at www.bluepages.org.uk.

"We proactively encourage residents to take steps to prepare for flooding. We will always try our best to assist our residents, but we are not an emergency service and we work with our partners who will take the lead in a flood event.”

The plans to stop providing sandbags to Wyre residents during periods of flooding were slammed by councillors last year.

Former Fleetwood councillor Ruth Duffy called the proposals an “abdication of responsibility” at the time.

Coun Rob Fail, Wyre Labour leader also opposed the plans but was out-voted.