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John Lunt from Kult Kars is selling a rare Bentley car.
John Lunt from Kult Kars is selling a rare Bentley car.
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IT’s the kind of vehicle you could imagine James Bond swanning around the French Riviera in.

A one of a kind car with more than 60 years of history to its name has arrived on the Fylde coast.

Described in adverts of the time as ‘The Sportsman’s Ideal Touring Saloon’, a rare 1951 Radford-Bodied Bentley MkVI Countryman is for sale at Kult Kars, Fairview Avenue, St Annes.

The stunning car was one of only nine Series II countryman’s built on Bentley’s big bore chassis, making it almost unique.

It features a boot which opens up to provide a picnic and washing area as well as a compartment for a bottle of Champagne.

John Lunt, of Kult Kars, said one of the reason’s behind the car’s look is thanks to its famous designer, not to mention the huge cost spent on restoring it.

He added: “When you see a Harold Radford coachwork name plaque, the car is always going to be special.

“Originally a Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealer in West London, Harold Radford Ltd worked on Government contracts to supply modified vehicles to the military during the Second World War.

“According to the car’s records, its chassis was sent to Harold Radford & Co Ltd on June 29, 1951. The completed Countryman was believed to have been used by Harold Radford himself and registered HAR 1.

“It is pictured in the book ‘Bentley – 50 Years of The Marque’, complete with the number 201 on its flanks and plates for the 1954 Monte Carlo Rally.”

Twenty-five years ago however, the car was found in a sorry state of disrepair.

Having passed through several professional restorers, it is now estimated £195,000 has been spent on bringing it up to scratch.

The finished model includes a raft of interior design touches, such as glass holders, leather seats and picnic tables fitted to the seat backs for use on days when outdoor dining is out of the question.

John added: “Upon completion, the car came second in the top prize for the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club National Rally.

“The Bentley has an asking price of £79,995 and represents a substantial saving on its rebuild cost.”


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