Top hotel closed in bug scare

Lindum Hotel, (St. Annes) .
Lindum Hotel, (St. Annes) .
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AN 80 bed hotel has been forced to close after an outbreak of the norovirus vomiting bug.

The Lindum Hotel, on South Promenade, St Annes, shut its doors to around 90 expected guests this weekend in a bid to rid the sickness virus, after the bug swept through the building, infecting staff members and residents.

Paul Rollings, a director at the hotel, said around a dozen people had been affected by the virus.

He added: “The bug was brought into the hotel by guests. We have not closed because we have to, but for the duty and care of our staff and guests.

“We are doing our utmost to get rid of the bug.”

Fellow hotel director Susan Rollings said a cleaning company had been hired to disinfect and clean the property, amid hopes the building would re-open on Monday.

She added: “We are shutting voluntarily. We have had groups of people bringing the vomiting bug into the hotel and we are taking this measure as the only way to get rid of it.

“All the staff left the hotel on Friday and guests have been accommodated elsewhere or had their bookings moved.

“The bug arrived with guests but had nothing to do with hygiene standards. An outside cleaning company has come in for weekend and will clean the hotel.”

No other hotels are believed to have been affected by the norovirus in the area.

A spokesman for the Health Protection Agency said: “We are aware of the illnesses and understand that it will be closed for a few days.

“Fylde Council is aware of the issue and its environmental health officer is working with the hotel and advising them on the issue. The hotel is doing whatever it can to prevent a further spread.

“The norovirus can be very nasty if you get it. We advise in these instances that public areas are cleaned thoroughly.”

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