The Eating Inn, South Promenade, Blackpool - dining out

The Eating Inn
The Eating Inn
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This week in my news reporting role, I interviewed Blackpool Council leader Simon Blackburn who talked about his aim to encourage more residents to enjoy the town's attractions.

And it is true that those of us lucky enough to live in Blackpool sometimes forget to explore our own Promenade.

Steak meal served at The Eating Inn

Steak meal served at The Eating Inn

Perhaps no more does this happen than when it comes to choosing somewhere to dine out.

But after an early evening walk on the seafront to enjoy yet another glorious sunset, we decided to try the Eating Inn on South Promenade.

A quick google revealed exemplary Trip Advisor reviews and a five-star hygiene rating, and once inside we were soon seated at a comfortable table in the restaurant.

To our surprise we were inside a historic building, even older than the Tower.

For the Eating Inn boasts the location was originally built as a fisherman's cottage more than 200 years ago.

It took on its current guise in 1980 when Michael Shorrock bought the building, and is now in the hands of his son Ben who continues to operate the family run steakhouse.

The starters menu is reassuringly traditional with the likes of prawn cocktail, garlic mushrooms and smoked salmon on offer.

We chose to share a plate of chicken liver pate served with cranberry sauce and toast.

The pate was delicious and lived up to its billing as home-made, and the portion size was generous enough to easily satisfy us both.

When it comes to the steak menu, there is plenty of choice with fillet, ribeye,sirloin and rump available from six ounces to 12 ounces depending on your appetite, and served with mushroom, tomatoes, peas and either chips or jacket potato.

My husband Clive opted for fillet steak with Diane sauce (other choices are pepper or Bernaise sauce).

The meat was tender and full of flavour and cooked perfectly to his taste.

For anyone wanting a real challenge, there are also steak house specials of 14 ounces, and a massive 18 ounces of fillet and sirloin steak.

The latter will set you back just under £29 but is perhaps not for the faint-hearted.

For those not wanting steak, there are plenty of fish, pork and chicken options, as well as a couple of vegetarian pasta dishes also on the menu.

I went for marinated honey and mustard chicken, also served with a jacket potato and it was a pleasure to enjoy freshly cooked ingredients which led to another cleared plate.

The cheapest steak is £9.95 while my chicken dish was £8.95, so there are options to suit all budgets.

The wine list is not the longest, but all bottles come in at under £18 and it includes the basics - chardonnay, rioja, pinot.

So most people will find something to match their palate, but on this occasion we just had a glass each, and water on the table.

Service throughout was exceptionally friendly - certainly a good ambassador for Blackpool.

Throughout our meal we had been facing a cabinet packed with tempting looking desserts so I could not resist finishing off my meal with one of my favourites - hot chocolate fudge cake with cream.

Nothing beats this truly melt-in-the-mouth way of eating chocolate, and when you're on holiday you have every reason to treat yourself.

But why let the tourists have all the fun!

Our meal, including drinks, came to just under £50.