The epic ride finally begins

Richard Rodriguez has begun his world record attempt.
Richard Rodriguez has begun his world record attempt.
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ROLLERCOASTER enthusiast Richard Rodriguez has launched his marathon challenge at the Pleasure Beach.

For the next three months, the 54-year-old will be a regular sight at the amusement park, where he is taking part in his own Big One Marathon Challenge.

Richard wants to break the current Guinness World Record of 103 days consecutive roller coaster riding on the attraction’s tallest and fastest coaster.

Should he beat the current record it will mean he will have travelled around the Big One track around 20,000 times when he completes his epic challenge in mid-September.

Under Guinness World Record rules Richard is allowed five minutes break every hour but he is allowed to accumulate these for longer rest periods.

This feat of endurance will test the American’s limits with the rollercoaster reaching a height of 235ft and reaching speeds of up to 85mph through twists and turns around the whole of Pleasure Beach.

Last month, Richard spent a week at Pleasure Beach acclimatizing himself to the pressures of taking part in the Big One Marathon Challenge over summer.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to this challenge, spending more than 100 days on any rollercoaster is a challenge but I want to smash the current world record.

“Pleasure Beach will be my home for the summer months and I cannot wait to start the challenge and meet all the people who will be riding the Big One with me while I am on board.

“I’m ready and psyched up for the challenge, I just hope the weather stays good while I’m riding the roller coaster.”

Guests visiting Pleasure Beach from today will be able to ride the Big One with Richard and be part of history during the Big One Marathon Challenge.