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Magic Roundabout
Magic Roundabout
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MORE than a few readers were in tune when we asked if anybody recognised either of these mystery groups.

It seems both bands were Seaside Stars across the Fylde coast a few decades ago, one named after a children’s TV series, the other taking its title from a French phrase meaning gracious gesture.

Beau Geste, popular Blackpool band of the 1960s and early 1970s

Beau Geste, popular Blackpool band of the 1960s and early 1970s

The photographs were found by Ann Elgee in the attic of her house in Common Edge Road, Marton, left by a previous occupier.

First to get in touch was Carol Gee, of Thornton, who is in the centre of the colour picture taken in the early 1970s.

She says: “What super times we had as Magic Roundabout, performing at bars and clubs throughout the North West.

“My favourite songs were Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain and I’m Doing Fine Now by New York City. We had a good following and always got people up dancing.”

Seen with Carol, from left, are guitarist Jeremy Jackson, drummer Phil Hindley, and bass guitarist Lance Fogg.

Carol says: “Our first gig was at the Catholic Club, Queen Street, and we were favourites at Fleetwood Dockers Club. We had three summer seasons at the Beach Hotel opposite South Pier.

“The picture featured in Memory Lane was taken in Raffles, Waterloo Road, South Shore, and the memories came flooding back of enjoyable days that ended far too soon.”

Mike Crouch recognised Carol and “the blond guy with glasses, centre front, Phil Hindley their drummer, who I worked with at Duple Coachbuilders in the early 1970s”.

Not in the photograph, but in the original line-up of Magic Roundabout, was Frank Keeling, who also identified the group.

And so to the earlier black and white picture, which also caught the attention of readers, in particular, Heather Shorrock, who describes herself as “wife of the legendary Bob and mother of the even more legendary Jo”.

Heather writes: “This is my husband Bob and his friends in Beau Geste, a very popular local group of the 1960s and early 1970s.

“Bob was bass player (pictured right) and next to him was Robert (Fred) Knight, Bill Garlick and Dennis Hilton on drums.

“They played many hotels and most of the local community clubs (working mens, Labour, Conservative, Catholic etc) in Blackpool and Preston. He went on to play with other groups after Beau Geste split up, and his beloved Fender Stratocaster is still his pride and joy.

“Bob is now a builder working mainly in the Fylde area, and we have two grown-up daughters Louise and Joanna.

“Joanna has carried on the showbusiness tradition and many Blackpool people will know her as Jo Shorrock, a popular singer in hotels, bars and clubs, working in some of the same clubs that her dad played all those years ago.”

Heather adds: “She is a great supporter of the Gay Pride events and has featured in the opening ceremonies.

“Thank you for the memories that the photo gave.”

Also thanks to Roy Butterworth, who recognised his cousin Bob Shorrock and identified the group as Beau Geste.

Finally, Noel Senior might not have clocked the groups but he did know the location.

He says: “ One of the pictures was definitely taken at South Shore Tennis Club, where I used to be secretary, because I recognise the dance floor.”