Then and now: Market Street, Blackpool

Market Street from Talbot Square, historical photo
Market Street from Talbot Square, historical photo
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How different Market Street looked in the 1920s from today.

This historical photograph from The Gazette archives shows a view of Market Street from Talbot Square.

Market Street today

Market Street today

The Clifton Hotel is on the right and beyond the cyclist (with what appears to be a plank across his back), there is a stall on the corner of the old St John’s Market.

On the left is the Williams Deacons Bank, which is now part of the Town Hall.

The cobbled streets and distinct lack of motor vehicles are the two most striking differences between the historical view and the Market Street which can seen today, in our more recent picture.

In today’s Market Street, there are still shops lining each side of the street – although of cours,e it now features double yellow lines to prevent cars from parking.