Memory Lane: Wonder where they got the idea?

The Fabulous Singlettes
The Fabulous Singlettes
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IN showbiz, you certainly need an image if you intend to be noticed.

Take Jedward, those Irish identical twin brothers John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes.



You cannot deny that they have eye-catching hair, to go with their eye-watering skills in both vocal and dance departments.

The twins first appeared as John and Edward on The X Factor, in 2009.

They might only have finished sixth, but the exposure, which also led to their stint on Celebrity Big Brother, has helped them carve out a successful career.

On Friday night, the lads will literally jump on to (and no doubt across) the stage of Blackpool’s Opera House. But where did they get the idea for those blond quiffs, by which they are wildly, sorry widely, known?

Perhaps a clue lies in previous Blackpool visitors The Fabulous Singlettes.

This Aussie trio of 60s spoofers – just like Jedward they refused to take themselves too seriously! – were forced to cancel a planned Grand Theatre gig after being invited to perform in the Children’s Royal Variety Show.

But they did appear in the resort, in a different setting, at the Flamingo, then still on Talbot Road, in March 1990.

And, again, just like Jedward, their hair was a celebrated triumph of hairspray over gravity...