Memory Lane: Who do you think they are?

Leo Hanson with (possibly) his daughter in Canada
Leo Hanson with (possibly) his daughter in Canada
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LOOK at these pictures from a family album, each one with a tale to tell. But will you be able to help Joanne Foley piece together these people and places from her past, in the hope of securing family memories for the future?

Joanne says: “I am researching my family tree and was recently in Blackpool doing just this. I have found a bit of information but am now hoping to find living relatives. I’ve attached a number of photographs in the hope that your readers may recognise the faces.”

Robin Lazenby

Robin Lazenby

The family is called Bailey and from the late 1890s until the 1950s they lived at 48 Belmont Avenue, off Central Drive, in the Revoe area of Blackpool.

John Bailey, Joanne’s great grandfather, was married twice, first to Margaret Strickland, with whom he had three children: William (born c 1877 in Staining), Jane (c 1879 in Stirling, died c 1885), and Mary (c1880 in Stirling).

Joanne says: “I’ve not been able to find much more on these three, unfortunately, but hopefully one of your readers might know about them.”

Then John married Joanne’s great grandmother Minnie Allonby, of Hawkshead, and they had 10 children. Minnie, the eldest, was born 1891 in Blackpool. Joanne says: “Minnie was known as Vi, she married Leonard Hanson and moved to Canada. They were both quite musical apparently, but as seen in the photograph they ended up owning a shop in Canada.

“My uncle remembers a daughter of theirs being in the Canadian Air Force and visiting them during the war, unfortunately he doesn’t remember her name. This may be her in the photograph. The cousin then married a Polish pilot, although they later divorced.”

Ellen, born 1893 in Blackpool, was known as Helen or Bea, married Harry Grimshaw and had a daughter Marian. John was born in 1893 in Blackpool and died about 1894.

Alice was born 1895 in Blackpool. Known as Maud, she married Jack Parton and they lived in Southend-on-Sea, although Joanne has no idea if they had children.

Mary, born in 1898, in Blackpool, was known as Maisy. She did marry but her husband’s name is unknown. Apparently they had a bakery in North Shore, but it is unknown if they had children.

Joanne says: “James Edmund was born in 1901 in Blackpool but all I know for this young man is that he was in trouble with the law in 1915!”

The next child, Harold, was born about 1903 in Blackpool, but again Joanne knows no more.

She does have some information, however, about the next one – Marian – who married Albert Foley and moved to Australia, because she descends from that branch of the family.

Norman was born around 1905 in Blackpool and Esther was born in the resort two years later. Esther was known as Pat and married Thomas “Norman” Lazenby, who moved to Canada.

Joanne says: “Thomas was musical but I have no idea what happened to him after going to Canada. They had a son Robin who joined the marines and as can be seen in the photograph, was also musical.

“I guess he was born about 1934. I’ve no idea if Pat re-married Edmund but that’s them in another of my photographs.”

Joanne adds: “After my great grandfather John Bailey died in 1907, Minnie went on to marry Fred Eastwood, a stonemason, in 1916.

Do any of these names or pictures have any familiarity for your readers? I hope so.”

Readers with information can email Joanne at, or write to 5/97A Upper Clapton Road, Clapton, London, E5 9BU.