Memory Lane: Marquee of past times

Great Eccleston Club Day 1894 by J C Morley
Great Eccleston Club Day 1894 by J C Morley
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THIS year’s Great Eccleston Agricultural Show does not take place until the weekend of July 14 and 15, but plans are well afoot for the Memory Marquee, which will host a variety of heritage and local history exhibits.

History enthusiast Lyn Butterworth, who lives in the village, is once again organising this popular feature.

Stands are free to all history societies or community organisations across the Fylde coast, and a minimal fee will be charged to commercial exhibitors.

Lyn says: “This could be a fantastic opportunity for organisations to meet and enrol new members, or simply to inform the public of what they do.”

Lyn will also be producing a small exhibition of paintings and sketches by local artist JC Morley, who lived in Little Eccleston around 1900.

He painted many local scenes, including these we feature here today.

Lyn says: “If anyone owns one of JC’s paintings and would be willing to have it photographed and copied for the exhibition I would love to hear from them.”

Lyn and her friend Yvonne Miller are also hoping to “discover” some street party photos from previous Jubilee celebrations, which will go into the marquee after being exhibited in the village during next month’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

She says: “Any street party photograph celebrating an event in Great Eccleston would be of interest.

“There will also be a slide show of pre-1960 photos of Great Eccleston and its inhabitants over the years.

“Any contributions to this growing ‘visual social history library’ are carefully scanned and returned to their owner.”

n Lyn Butterworth can be contacted by email at or by phone on (01995) 672655 or 07801 207417.