Memory Lane: Looking for missing Missfits

The Missfits in 1966 in Blackpool
The Missfits in 1966 in Blackpool
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DOES anybody remember local musicians The Missfits, who spelled their name with a double S, on account of them being an all-female band?

Pat Allsopp was 17, and with long blonde hair, when she performed with the lasses in the mid 1960s. Writing from Australia, where she emigrated 23 years ago, sharing a new photograph that shows her hair is still long and blonde, she admits: “I suppose back then an all-girl group was a novelty.”

Pat Allsopp who was in The Missfits in 1966 in Blackpool

Pat Allsopp who was in The Missfits in 1966 in Blackpool

It’s a novelty she hopes will jog readers’ memories as she searches for other members of the band, hoping for a reunion when she returns to Blackpool shortly for a holiday.

Pat says: “I was born and raised in the resort and used to perform locally with The Missfits. I have contact with Carol Smith (now Chapman), but would dearly love to get in touch with lead guitarist Liz Hall and drummer Janet Bailey, who I last saw about 25 years ago.”

Pat says: “Prior to joining The Missfits, I was plucked from another all-girl band, The Lucky Charms, and sent as a singer by a German agent to perform with a Bristol band called The Retreads. We played at a club called the Starr Palast in Kiel and, as I was only 17 at the time, I was given the name of ‘Little Cindy Collins from Blackpool’.”

Pat admits: “It was all rather daunting and so I only sang with The Retreads for three weeks before returning to Blackpool, where Carol and I joined up with Liz and Janet in The Missfits.

“We had thought The Lucky Charms was the only all-girl band until we saw The Missfits in town one day with their guitars.

“As a group we were quite well known and with the novelty of being all girls I hope somebody will be able to help me track my old friends down, so that I might meet up with them when I return to Blackpool on May 28, for three weeks.

“We are all in our 60s now – I am 63 – and I might not get another chance to see them again after this visit,” says Pat, who can be contacted by e-mail at or by post to Pat Allsopp, 19 Snowdrift Court, St Clair 2759, New South Wales, Australia. She will be staying at The Waverley Apartments, 12 Dean Street, South Shore, from May 28 until June 18.