Memory Lane: High there!

Dorothy Brute with her daughter Jll and son Peter in 1963.
Dorothy Brute with her daughter Jll and son Peter in 1963.
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TODAY’S kids probably think they are the lucky ones, climbing over all that new adventure playground equipment in Stanley Park.

But cast your mind back, older readers, and consider the wonders of even reaching the seats atop the giraffe that was once the star attraction of the old site.

With summer holidays in mind, Jill Snowden (nee Brute) shares these family snaps from the early 1960s and admits: “The picture in the play area was of the giraffe I never could climb. My dad lifted me on for this picture in 1963, which shows myself and my sister Peggy. I recollect the giraffe still being there when my own children were growing up.”

Jill says: “I was 10. my sister 13 and our brother Peter was four when we moved here from Newport, South Wales. My parents Peter and Dorothy Brute bought a 12-bedroom hotel in Banks street, and ran it until my dad died, aged 92, four years ago.

“He traded up until then. He did the cooking, mum did the looking after people, and my sister helped.

“They outlived most of the people that came back year after year. My mum still lives there, at the age of 83, but of course it is now an ordinary home, not trading as a hotel.”

Jill adds: “I live in Bispham, and work for Virgin Trains, my sister lives in Layton, her husband drives a bus, and my brother runs Tiggywinkle cafe in Bond Street, South Shore.”

Another picture shows Jill with her brother Peter sitting on the front of the family car, watched by their mum Dorothy, and the third sees Jill with sister Peggy and Peter at the side of the Stanley Park fountain and ornamental pool.