Memory Lane: Classmates

Tyldesley School, Blackpool 1961
Tyldesley School, Blackpool 1961
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READER David Nicholls shares his school days with this week’s Classmates photograph taken during a 1961 English lesson at Tyldesley School, Condor Grove, Blackpool.

He says: “The teacher is Mr Walker and I am the tich, one desk in front, by the window, sucking his pen.

“Sat next to me is Russel Walsh, my best mate, who I understand, went on to become a policeman in Liverpool.

“The lad with the greased-up hair and writing at the front of the photo was George Maund, who had visions of becoming a civil servant.

“Bottom right is a lad we called Angus who was an excellent artist. The boy behind George, in the centre of the picture, is Geofrey Whittam, and the lad towards the back, out of uniform, is John Clark, known to all as the gentle giant.

“If small boys like me were being bullied he would step in and the bully would back off.”

David says: “I’m afraid although I recognise the other faces, the names escape me.”

And he adds: “Please take notice of our luxurious classroom furniture – collectors items these days!”