Memory Lane: Classmates

Revoe County Primary School, Blackpool in 1974
Revoe County Primary School, Blackpool in 1974
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WE all know about pinning the tail on the donkey, but at one Blackpool school they apparently had a novel twist on that idea – involving ears.

And it was no party game either, but rather punishment for bad behaviour.

It would not be condoned in these politically-correct times, but Lesley Morris (nee Hodgkiss), who sent in this 1974 photograph of her class at Revoe County Primary School, says: “Anyone caught kicking another pupil – and it was usually the boys – had to walk around in their socks and wear a hat of donkey ears made out of cardboard, with the words ‘I am a donkey and I kick’.

“I suppose the idea was to humiliate the person doing the kicking, and to make them think twice about their behaviour.”

Lesley, who grew up in Portland Road, stresses that she never had to wear the ears herself!

She adds: “I have fond memories of milk and biscuits at playtime and, at dinner time, chocolate custard and ice cream for pudding and juice drunk out of coloured metal cups.

“I clearly remember being allowed to watch the Royal Jubilee on TV in the basement, and bringing home a commemorative coin.

“I had a great time at Revoe Infants and went on to enjoy my time at the Junior School as well.”