Memory Lane: Branching out on new route

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Here’s the root to the route, so to speak - Queensway, the new town centre link road in Poulton, seen here soon after opening to traffic in 1968.

It helped to facilitate the introduction of the town’s one way system which today often ends up in complete gridlock thanks to a general increase in traffic and the growth in traffic-calming measures. These include now funelling everyone into a single lane within yards of where both pictures were taken at the junction with Blackpool Old Road.

Back in the 1960s, the fledgling Queensway looked positively rural. Since then, the area on the left has changed and changed again, with a county council-owned rest home built and, in more recent times, demolished in favour of private apartments. There is sheltered accommodation, a medical centre and Poulton Methodist Church. In the distance, the tall building is no longer the United Reformed Church - that has moved into a renovated chapel building next door - but even more new apartments built behind the original facade.

The library can be seen to the right. Much of the land behind is now taken up with the Teanlowe car park. But don’t expect to see any branches of the splendid tree today. A few weeks ago it was unceremoniously felled because of disease, although its absence would now, of course, facilitate any change to the road system in the future. As we said at the start - the root to the route...