Flooded Fylde: The aftermath of wild weather

Floods in 1929

The Fylde coast has had more than its fair share of wet and wild weather over the years.

This month marks 90 years since one of the worst – the 1927 flood which killed six people in Fleetwood.

Clifton Drive, South Shore, at the junction with Burlington Road West, in 1983

And next month marks the 40th anniversary of the 1977 floods, which caused widespread chaos and destruction across the Fylde coast,

The sea wall has taken quite the battering over the years – including in 1961, pictured here.

Our archive image shows a 50ft long crater in the sea wall at North Shore, opposite the Imperial Hotel, and workmen about to start filling it with concrete.

In 1983, the sea defences were breached and at the height of the emergency, flood waters surged across the Promenade at South Shore, transforming Clifton Road into a lake.

Sea defences smashed at the South Shore children's boating pool, in 1990

This image shows Clifton Drive at the junction with Burlington Road West.

The special flood alert Operation Neptune swung into action as emergency services and Promenade residents prepared themselves for a sea siege.

Police made the Prom between South Shore and Bispham a no-go area, as high waves, lashed by the wind, washed over the Prom, the tram tracks and inland.

Waterloo Road, in South Shore, looks like a river in one image, taken in March 1982.

Flooding on Watson Road, in South Shore, in March 1982

In March 1990, extensive damage was caused to the sea wall as high tides and heavy rain smashed up the sea defences, at the children’s boating pool.

Chunks of the wall can be seen fallen into the sea on our photo.

Fleetwood suffered flooding in 1960, as shown in this black-and-white picture.

And sandbags were being stacked at the seafront in Cleveleys in December 1977, after the devastating floods of that November.

The flood water on South Promenade, Blackpool, in February 1983

Scene outside South Shore baths after the storms in February 1983

Fleetwood floods in 1960

Preparations on South Promenade in Cleveleys for high tides, with a large number of sandbags, in December 1977.

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