Can you solve murder mystery?

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Reader and contributor Rod Lea was struck after seeing an article in The Gazette and then another in a national newspaper about the number of empty guest houses in Blackpool.

Rod, who now lives in New Zealand, sent in this photo of his wife Liz with his parents, Wilf and Violet taken in 1991, standing on the corner of Blundell Street, with The Tower in the background - as he felt it was such a marked contrast to a more recent picture, published in a national paper, which showed the same road with closed guest houses and lonely residential properties.

Rod said: “It reminded me of a photo I took in the same spot in 1991 with my parents and wife. Such a contrast to today. It’s very sad.”

Rod and his cousin grew up in York Street in Blackpool during the 50s, where his parents ran a boarding house. He has happy memories of the time.

But he has one vague, darker memory which is something of a mystery and he hopes Gazette readers might help with.

“I think there was a murder in York Street, at a boarding house on the corner with Singleton Street.

“The owner of the house, as we remember it, was away on a cruise or overseas and her son, a council labourer, was living there and a young woman was working there as a prositute.

“There was a disagreement over monies from a client’ and she suffered a violent death, but they didn’t find the knife used to kill her.

“I searched all over the internet and can’t find anything to find out if these are factual memories. We used to cross the road to avoid the house.”

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